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STEPHEN MEADE is an American entrepreneur, executive and business founder who is passionate about creating companies that make a difference in the world. He has the ability to catapult an idea from pure concept to the creation of a thriving business. In the past 20 years, he has created, incubated and architected nine (9) successful technology-based companies. He is a seasoned business advisor and leader who frequently speaks on the art of networking at executive leadership conferences and startup communities (i.e. executives, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, co-founders, students) around the world. In 2005, he founded Big Bamboo, LLC to serve as the incubator for ideas that are worth building a team around and bringing to market. Currently, all ideas come solely from the Founder and the company does not take on or incubate outside business or services. He is currently the CEO of MonetaPro.IO, which is a FinTech Blockchain company for Global Companies to participate in Corporate Trade. MonetaPro.IO competed in and won the Silicon Valley d10e Global ICO contest, which to date was the largest ICO competition in the World featuring 32 companies. MonetaPro has placed in the following competitions: Fintech Zurich (1st Place), Los Angeles Crypto (1st Place), Malta (2nd Place), South Korea (3rd place), and more! Meade is also the CEO of MagMo, Inc., a B2B Platform focused on technology around Media, Entertainment, and Influencers. MagMo (which stands for Magic Moments) is a photo sharing tool primarily for major brands to create stories and share it with their existing audience. MagMo can provide monetization for social media audiences of the brand through a patent pending process known as the “back cover.” His roster of successful businesses includes MyBlueEarth, Cenoplex, RONAstar, ComCom, CuCme, etc.



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JENNY Q. TA, a self-made multi-millionaire and seasoned Wall Street veteran boasting three successful exits, stands as an eminent entrepreneur and business leader. As the founder and CEO of Titan Securities, a flourishing full-service broker-dealer, and investment banking firm, she adeptly led the company to acquisition in 2005. Prior to that, she founded and directed Vantage Investments, an internationally recognized investment bank, subsequently acquired. Overseeing assets totaling a billion dollars for both firms, and a subsidiary specializing in discount online trading at, her leadership significantly contributed to their remarkable financial success. In addition to her illustrious achievements, Ms. Ta’s expertise extends to her role as a Nasdaq market maker and Market Analyst, co-underwriter of IPOs, and her involvement in reverse mergers and SPAC deals. Her comprehensive knowledge of the financial industry spans a wide spectrum of activities, solidifying her reputation as a prominent figure in the world of finance. Apart from her financial achievements, Ms. Ta excelled in the tech industry and venture capital, creating VCNetwork, connecting entrepreneurs with investors, and CoinLinked, merging traditional marketplaces with digital currencies via blockchain. Both ventures leveraged her FinTech and blockchain exploration, and both were acquired in 2021. In October 2022, she launched a new venture—Web3VC Funds, later rebranded as WEAL28H in 2024. This venture serves as a global consultancy, drawing from nearly a century of collective expertise in financial, legal, and strategic matters across the financial services industry. Capitalizing on her leadership in AI and decentralized technologies, her proficiency spans complex regulatory landscapes, excelling in innovative areas like fintech, where Blockchain, AI, and decentralized technologies converge seamlessly. Simultaneously, Ms. Ta is actively spearheading an AI project since 2023, leveraging her adaptability to emerging technologies. Envisioning the transformative power of AI and decentralized technologies, she recognizes their pivotal role in shaping the future of technology. Committed to ensuring the project’s success, she focuses on robust intellectual property protection, including trademarks, patents, and copyrights, in an ever-evolving landscape where AI reshapes industries and decentralized technologies foster secure applications. Apart from her entrepreneurship, Ms. Ta is a published author of “Wall Street Cinderella.” This book details her journey from wartime Vietnam to Wall Street success, providing a roadmap for aspiring women in business. She holds an MBA in Financial Management and a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems from CSUF. Ms. Ta’s leadership in AI and proactive IP management shapes the future of technology and entrepreneurship. Her adaptability and visionary mindset drive the AI project, exploring transformative potential and achieving new milestones. From finance to tech, her journey inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and women in business. With her expertise and dedication, Ms. Ta is poised to make a significant impact in AI and beyond.


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CURTIS SPEARS is the President & CEO of Andes Capital Group. In this role, Mr. Spears is responsible for overall firm strategy and day-to-day operations. Mr. Spears brings over 25 years of experience in the asset management arena. Prior to joining Andes, Mr. Spears held several senior leadership roles, including Senior Managing Director with Gray & Company, President of Gardner Rich, and Managing Director of Public Fund Sales with Fifth Third Asset Management. He also served as Vice President at The Northern Trust Company where he was responsible for client service and marketing investment products and services to the institutional marketplace. Before taking on client responsibilities, Mr. Spears managed domestic and international equity index portfolios for Northern Trust. Throughout his career, Mr. Spears’ level of excellence has enabled him to build strong relationships with top-tier financial firms and institutional investors. A native of Chicago, he also sees it as his duty to give back to the community. He currently serves on the Governing Board for UCAN and has served on auxiliary boards for the Steppenwolf Theater, the Field Museum and the Primo Center for Women and Children where he has raised funds crucial to operations, and helped to increase awareness. Mr. Spears received his B.S. in computer science from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. from DePaul University. He holds the Series 24, 7, 63, 65 and 79 securities licenses.

In the synergy of AI, blockchain, and decentralized tech, including generative AI, we enter a transformative era. Traditional AI contributes trillions to the global economy by 2030, while blockchain reshapes digital foundations. Integrating generative AI brings innovative autonomy, promising economic growth and envisioning a more inclusive world. This fusion, driven by both traditional and generative AI, sets the stage for a decentralized, equitable digital future, unlocking unprecedented creativity and technological advancement.

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